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GreenGenius Model XL - up to 300 Litres/80 Gallons

This unit is designed for vehicles such as cars, light trucks, SUVs, Vans, Utility Vehicles, etc.


This unit is designed for vehicles such as cars, light trucks, SUVs, Vans, Utility Vehicles, etc.


How do I know it is working?
To prove a fuel economy of 6-12% is a challenge that can be duplicated on test tracks in controlled conditions. You can find the results of many such tests on the references section of this website. Vehicle load, driving style, tire pressure, weather conditions, and idle times must be carefully controlled to evaluate this kind of difference. If you wish to complete your own testing we will happily provide you with instructions on how to complete an SAE J1321 test.

Could the use of FuelSaver influence the warranty of the vehicle?
The GreenGenius FuelSaver does not significantly influence the warranty of your vehicle. The device does not change the fuel system or engine and as such you are protected by the Moss-Magnusson Act (U.S.A.).

What does this product do?
The GreenGenius FuelSaver optimizes the molecular state of fuel resulting in a more efficient combustion. The result is decreased emissions and increased mileage in the amount of 6-12%.

How does it work?
Our "genius in the tank" weakens the intermolecular hydrocarbon bonds of the fuel, resulting in more complete combustion. This dramatically reduces unburned fuel and emissions, increases power and fuel economy, and reduces servicing and maintenance.

How much time does it need to start working?
The GreenGenius FuelSaver is a solid immersion device that you or your mechanic can easily drop inside a vehicle's fuel tank (diesel/biodiesel or petrol/gasoline). In minutes, you’re back on the road. Your fuel economy will improve by 6%-12% immediately.

Does it work with gasoline or diesel?
The product works with gasoline/petrol or diesel/biodiesel equally well.

How long does it realistically last?
The GreenGenius FuelSaver is warranted for 5 years but realistically the device should last for the lifetime of your vehicle with no decrease in functionality. In fact, you can remove it from your old vehicle and use it in your new vehicle.