GHC can assist in designing programs that focus on environmental issues such as green procurement and ecodesign. Carbon footprinting, life cycle assessments and ecoprofiles are all covered as are Services related to ROHS and REACH.

We guarantee that in 6 months contract we can help client's office supplies to be greener, transportation departments to be less pollutant, and that staff are more aware of such changes and able to sustain them.

We understand that Social Responsibility solutions need to be as individualas the companies themselves and we are committed work with clients to tailor programs to meet their needs.

Appropriate modules can be designed for organizations in all industries and within any position in the supply chain.

We employ  only  the  best  in  sustainability  field in  all  regions  of Ontario.  This  means that  local  sustainability  consultants will  always  beavailable to provide assistance and are ready to answer any question you may have; our personal approach to service with have our international clients not feeling the geographic distance.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our expertteam members.

We look forward to servicing all your green needs.

 Green Health Canada Inc.